• As a recent college graduate and newest member of the professional working world, I am no stranger to the negative effects associated with not getting a good night sleep.  For years I have suffered from restless sleep, night sweats, back pain, and high levels of stress and anxiety.  Not only was I not getting enough sleep, but also, the quality of sleep I experienced every night was insufficient. 


    Within a week of using the Grounding Sleep Mat, I noticed a significant difference...Read More...


    Julianne - Boston, MA.

  • "To say that grounding my body during meditation has been life changing is an understatement! Read More

    Ashlie - California

  • I had a wound on the top of that foot for several months that would not heal—nothing the dermatologist gave me was working.

    I purchased a grounding mat and used it on my sofa. I was amazed when my foot began to get better within a week! The improved circulation allowed the swelling to subside and the wound to heal. Read More...

    Linda - San Diego, CA.

  • After the first night of using it, I immediately noticed that my lower back pain, something I’ve been dealing with for the last couple of years, had significantly reduced. Read More

    Sahara Rose - Best-Selling Author of Eat Feel Fresh and Idiot's Guide to Ayurveda + Host of Highest Self Podcast

  • My journey with the Sleep Mat started 40 nights ago and I have been on a magic sleeping mat ride every night since! Read More...

    Terra - San Diego, CA.